Philips intros 9600 Ambilight LCD HDTV with faster panels and better contrast



Philips has announced its latest range of Ambilight high definition LCD TVs, claiming they offer the fastest LCD panels currently available, and with an improved version of their Perfect Pixel HD system which improves black levels and overall contrast ratio.

The new Perfect Pixel HD system can process some 500 million pixels per second, a doubling in processing power compared to the previous system. This should translate to a sharper, more natural looking picture.

Philips has got the response time of its LCD panel down to a very impressive 2ms, and coupled with 100Hz Clear LCD technology, this should almost eliminate the motion blur often associated with LCD TVs.

The new Ambilight TVs can handle both 12-bit and 17-bit colour, should you have a video source encoded with that much colour depth. As if that weren’t enough, the backlight can now be dimmed right down to 5% output – on previous models it was 20% – for deeper blacks, as well as boosting light output by 10% for improved light reproduction. That translates to a four times improved dynamic contrast ratio of 30,000:1.

Basically, all this improved technology should make Philips’ 9600 Ambilight TVs their best yet.

Four models will be launched next month, in 32, 37, 42, and 47-inch screen sizes, costing around £999, £1,499, £1,799, and £1,999 respectively.

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