No Eee Pc rival from Toshiba for now

Laptops / Notebooks

It has been very noticeable how slow the big mainstream laptop makers have been in responding to the phenomenon that is the Eee PC. You would have thought that given the speed of the Eee Pc bandwagon it would have been prudent to hitch a ride.

Apparently not though. In Paris today Toshiba is giving us the lowdown on the design attributes of its laptops but is adamant that it won’t be launching an ultra small laptop any day soon.

Head of Product Marketing for Toshiba Systems Europe, Emily Shirley admitted that she has been impressed by the Eee Pc and its various clones, but stressed that for Toshiba building laptops was all about choosing the ‘right components and at the moment the component choices in this sector don’t match the product direction of the company.’

Off the top of my head I guess she is talking about the operating system and the lack of a hard drive, but who knows…

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