Mostly Harmless modding – PDA with complete Wikipedia on board

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Ok, now unlike this morning’s piece of mod-mania, this is one I don’t think I could manage.

Some might argue that with mobile internet going from strength to strength, an all-knowledgeable, Wikipedia-filled Psion 5mx PDA would be a little surplus to requirements, but I bet the public would buy into the marketing idea of one handheld encyclopedia with everything you could ever want to know.


These are the materials you’d need to make one for yourself but somehow I don’t think it’s that that’ll stop you. There are some very code-like areas of the 11 step program that are the ones to make most people think twice.

The kit itself will cost you no more than £100, not sure how much in hair loss and lost sleep though.

Instructables (via Engadget)

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