Loose-lipped Intel employee claims Atom chip will be in next Apple device

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intel_atom_centrino_chipset.gifThe Apple rumours are flying thick and fast this week, with a loose-lipped Intel employee in Germany bragging their new Atom chip (designed for mobile devices and UMPCs) would be featured in the next portable Apple creation.

Whether that’s an iPhone, tablet, or handheld gaming system is still unknown, but if Intel Germany’s Managing Director, Hannes Schwaderer, has been welcomed into the Apple thinktank, the devices with the new Atom chips will have 720 x 480 displays, so quite a bit bigger than the current batch of iPhones. And let’s be honest here – much bigger than a normal mobile phone.

When the Atom chip was announced by Intel back in February, the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Sean Maloney, claimed Atom is “small yet powerful enough to enable a big Internet experience on these new devices. We believe it will unleash new innovation across the industry”. New innovation, meaning…an Apple tablet? We’ve got just a few weeks until we’ll find out, on the 9th of June at WWDC.

(via Tech Radar and AppleInsider)

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