LED Pong table – hours of after dinner entertainment

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Could this be the world’s best table? Sod the after dinner conversation or dull old board games, bag yourself this LED Pong table and try to keep your eyes on the puck as it disappears under the lazy suzy.

London-based designer Moritz Waldemeyer has made a stylish looking Corian table with a complete surface of 2,400 buried LEDs and embedded tracker paddles at each end, so that when the game is switched off, you simply wouldn’t know what a bad ass little gaming monster it is. Spooky, huh?

I bet I could even convince my girlfriend to allow yet another gaming machine into the flat and she’d never even know.

It’d be nice if you could program other games into it but, frankly, I’d take one now. They’re currently not available but after the small internet storm they’re picking up, I’m sure it won’t be long before we hear about retailers and price tags.

Moritz Waldemeyer (via the design blog)

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Daniel Sung
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