Destroy your Mac laptop and use it to control Pong's paddles

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You’d be forgiven for thinking Tech Digest had turned into a blog focussing purely on ways to hack the game Pong and play it through various mediums other than your arcade or Atari systems. No, we’re not renaming ourselves Pong Digest, much to the distress of these guys, sorry.

One such Pong-enthusiast has created a version of the game to run on his Mac laptop using the sudden motion sensors and microphone. People who smother their Macs in protective laptop cases or daren’t take it out into the wild should avoid this game, as it actually involves ohmygod tilting your laptop vigorously and potentially harming your laptop’s microphone by screaming into it. Preferably profanities about Steve Jobs and DRM, natch. Tilting the laptop controls the direction of the paddle as you’d expect, and raising your voice, by say, screaming into the microphone, actually increases the size of the paddle.

Take a look at the video under the jump for some Apple/Pong-hybrid humour, and the link where you can actually download the game for yourself.

Tilt Scream Pong (via Gizmodo)

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