Revolve: rotating socket strip to organise your power cable hell

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I think it speaks of my transition into true manhood that I get excited about a rotating power strip but perhaps Revolve, by designer Takumi Yoshida, sends anyone with a Satan’s spaghetti of black leads at the back of their desk into a world of DIY satisfaction?

The problems Takumi sets about solving were that, firstly, many of one’s power cables come in from different directions and, secondly, that some modern day adapters are so big they tend to take over more than just the one socket they’ve been allocated.

Each socket of Revolve is set on an individually rotating ring meaning that you find the perfect angles for all of your appliances. It may not fit as snuggly against the wall as a standard four-bar but it’ll stop you spending half an hour in those killer black knots.

Takumi Yoshida (Yanko Design)

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Daniel Sung
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