HTC Diamond official desktop cradle – definitely black

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If you look very carefully into this black item on ever-so-slightly-less black background piece of genius photography, you may just be able to make out a newly released HTC Diamond.

Now, follow to the bottom of the super-smart super-phone and you’ll notice that it’s attached to something. Well, that something is the new HTC Diamond desktop cradle.

Ok, now stop looking at it and listen else you’ll probably damage your eyes. It’s a cradle, it matches the Diamond very nicely and the headphones next to it indicate that you can listen while it synchs with you computer and charges. Nice touch.

No speakers of its own but it does have a 3.5mm line out for you to plug it into whatever audio device you like, although I hear no self-respecting music aficionado would do that through a data-compressing digital output.

The cradle can be pre-ordered for a very reasonable and slightly strange £29.38.

Clove Technology (via Tracy & Matt’s blog)

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