Codemasters buy licence to make Formula 1 games/print money


formula-1-car.jpg Warwickshire based video games developer Codemasters has pulled off a real coup by bagging themselves the licence to make official Formula 1 titles that Sony used to own.

The licence allows Codemasters to use real-life drivers’ names, cars, courses, photography and all the pomp and spectacle that goes with the hugely popular sport. Their in-house team, who were behind the racing title “Race Driver: GRID”, will be getting to work over the next year to bring out F1 games across as many platforms as they can.

I’ve a feeling that it won’t quite by the same style as my personal favourite, Micro Machines, but there is an enormous audience of petrol-head gamers that will sell their own grandmothers for a chance to drive Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren around from the comfort of their own sofas and talk about how they could have been a contender, only they’re too tall.

(via Eurogamer)

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