FLX – a little slice of compact USB stick heaven

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flx 400 pix.jpg
What’s cute, squidgy and full of information? Trevor MacDonald, but if you’re looking for a more pocket-sized option, you can could always try one of these.

Meet FLX, which is obviously a very naughties, texting culture way of writing “flex”. We’ve no time for vowels in the modern world. Little FLX is neat way of getting the already compact USB stick into an even more mini model.

Designed by Polish student Jacek Ryn, it’s simply the bare bones of a pen drive encased in a protective rubber sheath. The sheath concertinas up exposing the USB end, which slots in like so and, hey presto, you’ve got a good-looking, neat piece of kit and a little more space in your jeans. Good work Mr Ryn. Where’s mine?

(via Core77)

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Daniel Sung
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