Sony to launch new Blu-ray PVRs: BDZ-A70 / BDZ-T90

Blu-ray, Digital set-top boxes


As part of its commitment to increasing Blu-ray market share, Sony is to roll out a couple of Blu-ray equipped PVRs to the Japanese market at the end of this month.

The BDZ-A70 and BDZ-T90 both feature integrated hard drives (320GB and 500GB respectively), two digital tuners and an analogue tuner, and the usual PVR functionality.

The BDZ-A70 also has the ability to transfer recorded footage to a Walkman, PSP, or a selection of NTT DoCoMo mobile phones, though it’s unlikely that content from Blu-ray discs will also be transferable.

Pricing for each unit is expected to be the equivalent of £850, but no word on when or if these units will make it over here.

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Andy Merrett
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