Nespresso Crystal coffee machine – just in case the caffeine doesn't get your eyes open

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crystal coffee 250 pix.jpgSome people would call a Swarovski-crystal covered coffee machine stupid. Because it is. However, if I was the kind of guy who blew my nose on 50 pound notes, I’d probably buy a Nespresso Crystal coffee machine.

What they’ve done is taken a perfectly good £160 coffee machine and added 3,100 original Swarovski-crystals. How much do think it’s worth now? Go on, have a guess.

£1,995! Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

If you do have that kind of wonga kicking about your kitchen floor and you fancy a coffee, it may please you to know it’s actually a really good coffee machine. Not £1,995 good. I mean, that’d have to be some seriously gourmet shit, but the Nespresso Le Cube, upon which this blinged-up silliness is based, is a quality piece of kit.

Somehow it seems to have lost all of its austere splendour though. Can’t imagine how?

Nespresso (via Red Ferret)

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