Konica unveils the 'bizhub' – printer with TV, DVD player and coffee machine


While this picture may look like a few items pushed together in a corner then covered in wallpaper, it’s actually a new ‘bizhub’ from Konica Minolta, combining a printer, TV, DVD player, coffee machine – and for reasons best known to themselves – a 1960s-style lamp.

It’s obviously a prototype, designed to offer an alternative to the office printer, replacing it with “bright contemporary design” and “innovative, integrated technology”. It offers everything you might need whilst hiding in the corner of your office – an LCD screen, DVD Player, speakers, an espresso machine and of course, a printer/scanner/copier/fax to give you an excuse to be there in the first place.

Konica points out that this “bizhub of the future” would help reduce stress levels in the workplace, turning the more mundane daily tasks into a leisure activity. You can’t buy one yet, but it will be touring around trade shows and exhibitions in the coming months. If it gets a positive response, who knows?

Konica Minolta website

Dave Walker
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