Maestro Asimo conducts Yo Yo Ma – is there anything this robot can't do?


I’m not sure when it was that Honda decided to take over the world but they’re doing a really good job of it, and when the day comes to accept their rule, the army that we’ll be looking at will undoubtedly be made of Asimos.

On 13th May our Honda robot pal will be flexing his servos in his first attempts at crowd control by conducting Yo Yo Ma and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra through a rendition of the company favourite “Impossible Dream”.

If you’d like to attend – and believe me if lived on the same continent, I would – then head down to the Detroit School for the Arts at 8pm, presumably with a ticket.

There’ll be a masterclass afterwards, perhaps some tea and biscuits, and Honda will not only be donating US$1 million to the Orchestra’s educational fund but they’ll also be teaming up with the Detroit outfit over the next five years to provide scholarships, training and support for live classical music.

They have got one seriously good PR team.

(via Wired)

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