Grand Theft Auto now only two weeks away… better start queuing!

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gta11_4.jpgActually, even if you rush down to the shops right now you won’t be the first person on the streets to start the long countdown to the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV. That most dubious honour goes to a handful of really nutty Swedes who already started their pilgrimage last week. At the moment they’re living it large inside a small tent pitched outside their local video game store.

I can sort of understand why people queue up for hardware launches. There’s the feeling that stock supplies could run out if you dare hesitate, and there’s the lucrative prospect of selling your good fortune on eBay right afterwards for a tidy profit. Game launches though – not really known for their stock shortages and eBay profitability.

gta10_2.jpgFortunately though, these head cases aren’t just out in force because they love GTA IV and can’t be arsed to get a job or anything. The store in question has a promotion running, so that the first few customers to buy GTA IV win great prizes and take home consoles and such like. For their sake I hope these prizes are as good as UK PS3 launch giveaways or that’ll be 2 weeks of long and uncomfortable patience for nothing. Bet it’s chilly in Sweden too.

I’m also betting that the store is seriously reconsidering its promo tactics too. Although it’ll probably draw in some big crowds come April 29th, the rest of company’s image is going to be slightly tarnished by the fact four hobos are besieging its front door for the next two weeks.

GTA IV (via Gaming Today)

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