Asus introduces Essentio CS5110 mini PC with optional Blu-ray


asus_essentio.jpgAfter rumours of an Eee PC Desktop last week, we now have confirmation of something in the same ball park from Asus – the Essentio CS5110 mini PC.

Much of the specification is based on options (processor, drive size, memory etc), but all are big on video, able to output Blu-ray HD movies via HDMI as well as offering 7.1 sound, reduced noise through a 2-in-1 thermal module, connectivity via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and Splendid Video Intelligence Technology to optimise visuals.

Packed into a glossy dark case that is designed to look like ‘famous Italian designer furniture’, the Essentio CS5110 should be seen in Europe in the coming weeks, although no price or shelf date is confirmed as yet.

Asus (via Akihabara News)

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