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If it’s ever been your misfortune to forget your anniversary, then you probably never did it again. If, however, you are a glutton for punishment, then allow me to introduce the Remember Ring.

This little item of jewellery may just save your marriage by administering a gentle reminder to your finger 24 hours before that important day.

It’s quite simple really, the Remember Ring heats up over a period of 10 minutes to a temperature of 120F (49C) – “hot enough to discomfort, but not enough to burn” according to the makers, although much higher and you’ll probably start losing your fingerprints – and it will continue to do so on the hour every hour for the rest of the day.

You may want to take it off once you’ve been down to the petrol station for the flowers.

What I really like about the Remember Ring, though, is how it works. It uses a micro thermopile that converts the heat from your hands into electricity, which then powers the clock in the ring’s chip, as well as storing the energy for heat on that special day.

The Remember Ring comes in one of seven styles in 14k white and yellow gold and is available in sizes 10-13 for an uncharacteristically cool US$760.

It may sound a little like torture but as anyone who’s already missed an anniversary will tell you, the heat of the ring is nothing in comparison to the red hot flames of a woman scorned.

Goldsmith Gallery (via Gearfuse)

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  • I’m also amazed at its technology but this innovation in jewelry art is not so useful. as there are various, way cheaper means to put a reminder.

  • For god’s sake. Can’t you just put a reminder into your phone? Or write it in your calendar? Frankly, if he’s got $760 going spare, I’d rather he forgot the anniversary then spent the $760 making up for it the next day! I just think there’s something wrong with people who can’t remember their anniversaries.

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