Philips doesn't mess about, with the DC185, DC910, DC570, DC200, DC1010 and BTM630 iPod docks

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philios-DC910.jpgPhilips may’ve announced the GoGear SA52 media player, but they still know iPod-friendly docking stations are a clear winner, unveiling four new products today.

With the DC185, DC910, DC570, DC200, DC1010 and BTM630, there’s something for all the dock fans.

Pictured, the DC910 charges as it plays, although I doubt it offers Arcam’s smart technology where it stops charging once the battery is full. If you don’t own an iPod, that’s fine by Philips, as they also have USB and SD card slots so you can play choons thattaway too.

philips-DC185.jpgNext up, the DC185 is a bog-standard affair, with a USB port and FM digital tuner.

DC570-philips.jpgThe very tall thin machine on the right is the DC570, a 2.1 system complete with inbuilt subwoofer and 100W RMS output.

BTM630.jpgIf I had to choose between the docking stations, I’d pick the BTM630, a Bluetooth-friendly device which is sporting a CD player right in the middle of its belly. Like the DC910, it also features a USB and SD slot, and charges the iPod as it plays.

No word on pricing or availability for any of the items as yet – we’ll let you know once Philips confirms!


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