Philips announces the DVDR5570H player to a collective silence from home cinema fans

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dvd philips-player.jpgAnother day, another Philips product – this time the DVDR5570H. Susi over at Shiny Shiny has just been fondling it at the launch, and claims it’s “half fab, half not so much”.

With a 120GB option for €399, and a 250GB version for €499, they’re very pricey, particularly when you hear they only contain one tuner.

Sounds as though the player’s hard disc can store and playback photos and music, along with recorded TV. There’s another component in there which is like a buffer apparently, which stores up to six hours of the latest TV you’ve watched.

Along with that, it’s got Philips’ Media Jukebox where you can playback from your USB stick, plus it has an EPG for the digital tuner and a handy Commercial Block feature so you can avoid inane adverts.

Philips (via Shiny Shiny)

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