Meet the British version of the Tesla Roadster: the Lightning GT sports car

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We’ve been raving on about the Tesla Roadster in recent months, all the while unaware the Lightning GT was bobbing around on the surface as well.

British made, the luxury sports car is actually packing a whole heap of electric-powered goodness under the hood, including NanoSafe technology, which enables the batteries to hold 85% life after 15,000 cycles and drive for 250 miles with just a 10-minute recharge needed. Expect it to take just 4.0 seconds to go from 0 to 60mph, comparable to the Jaguar 4.2 XKR convertible, which takes 5.0 seconds.

Hand-built by British engineers, designers and collaborators, it should be available later in 2008, however the company is taking pre-orders, with deposits of £15,000 requested.

Lightning GT (via Gas 2.0)

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Katherine Hannaford
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  • We already showed them how it should be done Joff. Which is why the Tesla Roadster looks strikingly familiar to a Lotus. ;o)

  • Hopefully this will make it to the streets before Tesla – showing them how it should be done!

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