Porsche raging against London Congestion Charge – sets up web site to FIGHT THE POWER

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porsche-judicial-enquiry-congestion-charge-london.jpgNo doubt with half a mind on the masses of Porsche Cayennes currently cruising between Starbucks and Wagamamas over in fashionable West London, Porsche has called for an official judicial review of recently announced changes to London’s Congestion Charge.

The Porsche Judicial Review site states the facts from a rather skewed Porsche perspective, pointing out that “a wide range of high-performance cars” will be effected by the new laws. Not just Porsches. Porsche is doing this for the good of everyone!

“Gas guzzling” cars – like, say, the ludicrous Porsche Cayenne, which is the stupidest car to ever take within 50 miles of London – will be hit by a new £25 charge from this October, a tax intensified for residents by London Mayor Ken Livingstone’s removal of the exemption for people who live inside the C-Charge zone.

Porsche argues that this will see a 3000 percent rise in CC fees for those that live in the previously exempt zones of London – ie, the rich people likely to own Porsches.

Sadly, the chances of anyone feeling any sympathy for Porsche owners remain rather low. Even BMW drivers and aggressive alpha males in battered old Ford Transits are more popular out there on the streets. Talk to daddy about it, city boy.

(Via Porsche Judicial Review)

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