BD-Live announced for PS3 this month

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Let’s be honest, the Blu-ray Profile 1.1 didn’t exactly revolutionise the Blu-ray playing experience. Some might have argued that all it did was pull the technology in line with HD DVD, but they can all see where that got them and shut the hell up. Err, anyway, Blu-ray 1.1 is nothing, Blu-ray Profile 2.0, or BD-Live as it has been christened, is a fair bit more exciting and it’s due to arrive in the next PS3 firmware update, which is landing some time later this month.

BD-Live’s biggest feature is that it requires a mandatory internet connection. A bit of a problem for older Blu-ray players perhaps, but not for the PS3 of course. This will be used to enable certain Blu-ray titles to access the internet and acquire additional content.

Like me you’re probably thinking ‘oh brilliant, now we can be swamped with even more pointless behind-the-scenes extras and making-ofs’. That will no doubt be true for a while – the first BD-Live releases are shit, frankly: they consist of Walk Hard and The Sixth Day (the only Arnie film that’s worse than Junior). But there is much more potential in the idea…

But if Hollywood dares to think a little outside the box – unlikely, I admit – then there’s some real potential to put the technology to a genuinely intelligent, beneficial use. Think of all those obscure ARGs that pop up around most major games releases, and think about how that could easily cross over into BD-Live space.

Hell, if you bought a TV series on Blu-ray, there would be the potential to draw you into the next one by offering you subsequent episodes for download. That would even help in the battle against piracy.

The possibilities are huge and at least the technology is soon going to be out there. It’s now down to those manufacturing the disc content to make it happen.

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  • hey guys, what you did forget to mention with this most recent update is the fact that the clever old ps3 can and will be able to remember where you left off on watching a dvd or blu ray movie, even, even if the disc is ejected, how cool is that, is there any other stand alone player out there can match this, i think not!!!!

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