Asus goes high end with the U2 series of laptops

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asus_u2.jpgThankfully nothing to do with Bono and The Edge, the U2 series of laptops from Asus are aimed very much at the luxury end of the market.

That means a hand-polished stainless steel frame with a copper etch and premium leather finish, along with a ‘seamless’ hinge and a touch pad and palm positioned so you can type and navigate the cursor ‘in one fluid motion’.

Plenty of features too – 11-inch backlit LED display, an embedded high-resolution webcam, face recognition login, fingerprint scanner, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DVD drive and various memory and storage options (including solid state).

The U2E-1P014E is in black for £1199 and the U2E-1P018E in mocha brown for £1499.


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  • what the f is “thankfully nothing to do with bono and the edge” supposed to mean. jsut shut up and do your job by writing about laptops and not your useless taste in music

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