Amie Street proves lucrative for Ashley Alexandra Dupré, earning her $204,000 post-Eliot Spitzer scandal


ashley-alexandra-dupree.jpgI mentioned last Thursday that Ashley Alexandra Dupré, the prostitute embroiled in the Eliot Spitzer scandal over in New York, has seen the price of her single on the MP3 site Amie Street soar by 415%.

Things continue to look up for Ashley, as it appears she’s hooked herself a huge amount of cash via downloads on the site. Since the scandal broke out, her song has been sold 300,000 on the demand-priced site, making her a tidy $204,000 profit. Due to the nature of her working relationship with NY governor Spitzer, she has of course earned a lot more than that from the scandal, but it’s further proof to all pop twiglets trying to make some cash on the internet that it’s best to launch your MP3 career with a couple of high-profile controversies up your sleeve. That, and show a whole lotta cleavage.

Amie Street (via Valleywag)

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