3rd Space FPS Vest – feel the pain of the shoot-em-up


fpsvest.jpgNever mind the rumbling joypad – now you can really feel the shots hitting home with the 3rd Space FPS Vest.

It’s a USB flak jacket that uses patented pneumatic technology to simulate bullet hits, punches, body slams, explosions and much more from PC games. It can even simulate the precise direction and force of bullet fire – if that’s your idea of fun.

If it is, you’ll want to know about compatible games. Well, it’s bundled with its own game (3rd Space Incursion), plus a copy of Activision’s Call of Duty 2. But it’s also compatible with various versions of Halflife, Quake, Medal of Honor and Doom to name just four. Choose from black or camo in looks and various sizes, all retailing for £149.95.


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Dave Walker
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