1.3megapixel Spy Camera Glasses – currently not illegal

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1-megapixel-spy-camera-sunglasses.jpgIf you want some of these, you’d better buy them now before they get made illegal. Because they will be made illegal soon.

Available for a relatively cheap $99 from here, they’re ideal for causing loads of trouble this summer. The specs come with a little remote control, so all you have to do to take a picture of the innocent wildlife scene you’re currently enjoying is rummage around in your pocket – plus built-in earbuds give you the cover story that your oddly bulkly glasses are oddly bulky because they also work as an MP3 player.

The resulting 1280×1024 photos can be downloaded via a mini USB socket, and the battery gives you a superb nine hours of secret spy action.

Usually we like to pretend there’s a serious health or military or environmental use behind all the gadgets we feature on here. But this one’s clearly just for terrifying men to use to take photos of women without their knowledge or consent.

Flickr’s going to need a server upgrade to cope with all the traffic.

(Via Think Geek)

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One thought on “1.3megapixel Spy Camera Glasses – currently not illegal

  • I just got a pair of these, and though the image quality is reasonable for the price, the HUGE drawback, is that you have to keep your head completely still for about two seconds in order to get an image that is not completely blurred out. I’m not exactly sure if I’m happy enough to keep them, though I am going to be traveling in some places where camera use is generally discouraged, so it might be worth it.

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