1.3megapixel Spy Camera Glasses – currently not illegal


If you want some of these, you’d better buy them now before they get made illegal. Because they will be made illegal soon.

Available for a relatively cheap $99 from here, they’re ideal for causing loads of trouble this summer. The specs come with a little remote control, so all you have to do to take a picture of the innocent wildlife scene you’re currently enjoying is…

Keyboard with hidden draw is the perfect example of convergence


Feel that the Star Wars figurines and comical Lolcat print-outs littering your desk aren’t doing enough to display your geek cred? For £24.99, you can amaze your colleagues with even more Princess Leia collectibles hidden away in the depths of this working keyboard.

Yes, I said working keyboard. It’s obviously not going to be as good quality as your Logitech sitting in front of you,…