UK directory enquiries goes free – by ad-funding

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Yet another directory enquiries company is launching in the UK (adding to the 400 already in existence), but 0800 100 100 claims to be different – as the name suggests, it’s actually free to use from mobiles and landlines.

Well, free to you in terms of money, but not in terms of time. It’s ad-funded, which means you’ll have to listen to a 20 second advert before you get the number you require from the UK-based call centre. Ads are from household names like Alliance & Leicester, EDF Energy and Anglian Home Improvements and should be ‘relevant to the individual query’.

One of 0800 100 100’s founders, Isabel Magan-Campbell, said: “0800 100 100 operates without any cost to the consumer and will be carried on all networks, ending the days of overpriced information, when of course this information should be free. We believe that this model will revolutionise the industry – and finally give consumers what they want.”

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  • Just make sure your ability to understand Northern Irish is up to scratch, I have an easier time understanding Indian call centres 😉

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