MWC 2008: Parrot Party Black Edition – portable Bluetooth audio gets smaller

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Every phone worth its salt has A2DP streaming these days, so it’s no surprise that more Bluetooth speakers are making it to the market – the latest of which is the Parrot Party Black Edition.

It’s an upgrade to an existing speaker, now in black, smaller and with a rechargeable battery life of eight hours, as well as having compatibility with music stored on a Mac running Leopard. Other features include connectivity via RCA as well as Bluetooth, a built-in Class-D amplifier, a total output of 6w, Stereo Widening (the sound seems to come from all around) and Virtual SuperBass (reinforces the bass frequencies).

The Parrot Party Black Edition will be available in the middle of 2008 for the equivalent of 99 Euros.


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Dave Walker
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