Krell's KID – "the world's best-sounding iPod dock", also the most expensive

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When something’s touted as “the world’s best-sounding iPod dock”, it honestly makes me want to get a sledgehammer to my monitor and tear up the words. But, nonetheless, the sad fact is most people have iPods now, and they’re all wanting docks to pop them into. So here are some details about Krell’s KID dock.

To achieve that ‘best-sounding iPod dock’ claim, Krell has stolen some “audiophile grade” components and stuck them in the KID shell, along with a special iPod interface, so when you connect it to your hi-fi system, you’ll get some lovely choons pumping from the speakers.

Now, here’s the catch: it’s going to cost you more than what you’ve probably paid for your amplifier, your speakers and even your HD TV. £1,350. That’s four digits – one three five zero.

Now, where’s that sledgehammer…

Krell KID

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  • Sad. Nothing more than a diatribe by a luddite. This article was written by someone who obviously has no specialist knowledge of audio. Sigh. Katherine, your job is on the line.

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