Harley Davidson owners get their own social network

Web 2.0


Good news for men with big hair, big beards and big bikes. You’ve now got your very own social network based around Harley Davidson bikes. It’s called Harley Social, and it lets you create a blog, and upload photos and videos of your glorious vehicle.

Oh, and there’s also a Harley Social Girls section, offering a selection of Harley-loving ladies – many of whom seem to be riding bikes in their bikinis, which I’m sure is frowned upon in the highway code. They don’t have beards, either.

With a thriving subculture of Harley fans, it’s a good idea for a niche social network, and the site certainly looks slick. Sadly, a Raleigh Chopper social network would be more my level when it comes to bike-based Web 2.0 services. Anyone fancy launching one?

Harley Social website

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Stuart Dredge
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