EXCLUSIVE Unboxing: Tchibo Tweezers with LED



You can forget the Wii, PS3 or iPhone right now. The most exciting product unboxing of the 21st century is here, and it dumps on all of ’em from a great height. Oh yes, Tech Digest has the exclusive on the Tchibo Tweezers with LED. That’s right: laser-guided tweezers (almost).

It’s an exclusive secured only after buying them for £5.90 at Sainsburys this weekend great effort. Starting with the box shot above, which promises a “narrow beam of light for precise plucking”. Excited yet? Then click over the jump for more HOT TWEEZER ACTION.


This shot spares me the hard work of actually listing the features of this cutting-edge piece of gadgetry. The lack of flash-memory or MP3 playback is a shock, but I’ll get over it.


It’s Tchibo Certified Merchandise. They don’t put this stamp on any old shit, you know.


Give this to your wife or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, and if you don’t let her see the box, she might think it’s perfume at this stage. Imagine her delighted surprise when she realises it’s actually your way of telling her she’s too hirsute.


It could also pass for lipstick, or one of those posh vibrators that looks like a lipstick.


See, the impressive thing is that part of the case also acts as a mirror, ensuring you can carry out LED-guided hair-plucking ON THE MOVE, not just when in a bathroom, bedroom or funfair hall of mirrors.


Obligatory arty shot of the mirror in action, showing the reflexivity of the gaze, the camera representing the Self, and other stuff.


If your other half is disappointed your Valentine’s gift isn’t perfume, lipstick or a posh vibrator, at least you can tell her it’s all the rage in France, where they call this La Tweez. If nothing else, it will buy you time to run from the room.


That’s one powerful LED right there. Probably.


No! It is!


I told you so!


Think of all those times you’ve wanted to pluck an eyebrow, but couldn’t because it was the middle of the night / a power cut / you were in a cave. Those days are long gone now.


And if you thought that last shot was scary, this is what your eyebrow sees.

The Tchibo Tweezers with LED are available now, in Sainsburys, just before you get to the tea towel aisle. They cost £5.90.

Stuart Dredge
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  • Sorry to tell you this but my local garage are selling the same tweezers for only £2.99. The only difference is that they are not marked ‘Tchibo certified’

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