Digital music gets futuristic, with NASA beaming The Beatles across the galaxy today

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As your eyes just fed into your brain, NASA is spending the US taxpayer’s money wisely, by sending the Beatles’ music into space! Little do those extraterrestrials know that they disbanded years back, and Macca is now singing about vintage clothes and Starbucks.

Apparently today is the first annual international day dedicated to gushing about which Beatle was your fave, and where you’re actually allowed to keep their greatest hits on a loop all day in the office without any of the usual repercussions. You can’t argue with an international day to celebrate the Beatles, on the day they recorded their song ‘Across the Universe’ 40 years previously.

At several times throughout today, NASA will be beaming the song into the sky from a satellite antenna, in the hopes that at the exact same time, Beatles fans will be playing it down here on earth.

Now, I love the Beatles, and can’t argue with the relevance of that song in creating universal peace, but really, NASA, why such a rubbish song?! I can think of ten more suitable songs you should be looking at instead…

1.) Life on Mars by David Bowie – an obvious choice, considering Bowie himself is not of this earth.

2.) Moon Rocks by Talking Heads – they claim ‘flying saucers, levitation, yo! I could do that’, and I bet they already have. They’re the Talking Heads – even their name is futuristic sounding in a Futurama stylee.

3.) Into The Void by Black Sabbath – we bet lead singer Ozzy Osbourne was consuming some out-of-this-world drugs when he recorded this track.

4.) Spaceman by Babylon Zoo – but as our Editor, Stuart says, ‘but only the first three seconds before it gets shit, otherwise it will only end in someone exterminating humanity for its own good’.

5.) Moondance by Van Morrison – one for the oldies, it’ll have aliens tearing up the moon’s surface throwing shapes.

6.) Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa – an ’80s classic the whole world can appreciate, from the man who invented hip hop music.

7.) Space Age Love Song by Flock of Seagulls – even Martians can appreciate a good love song.

8.) Aliens Exist by Blink 182 – it’d be rude not to receive a reply as evidence!

9.) Out of Space by Prodigy – one for our moon rock poppin’ friends in the galaxy

10.) Star Trekkin’ by, err… – you must remember this song from when you were a kid! Surely?! I’m sure they up above do…

Across The Universe website

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