The hot new thing in Second Life? Bouncy breasts

Virtual Reality

It’s not unreasonable to assume that whenever you meet someone in a virtual world or MMO with enormous, gravity-defying breasts, they’re probably a man in real-life. But it seems that in Second Life, female users are flocking to a virtual store called Smashing Prims that’s selling realistically bouncing breasts for their avatars.

This is big news, because these breasts actually move like real ones, as opposed to being two immovable globes stuck on the front of an avatar. Check the video above for proof. Apparently it’s down to two Second Life techy features, ‘flexi prims’ and ‘sculpties’, which allow users to use building blocks that react to wind and gravity, and simulate organic shapes.

“My intention is to provide women with the option to make their avatar a bit more realistic, by mimicking the motion of real breasts,” says the store owner Raven Ivanova. “It’s the same reason why I and other SL creators make realistic skins. We are trying to reproduce reality.”

Smashing Prims SLurl (via New World Notes)

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  • There’s *nothing* realistic about the movement of those puppies, unless the woman’s either 400 pounds, or 90 and in full siezure. Realism? For 12 year old little boys, maybe…

  • AWESOME story! We are going to have to talk about that on our next show. This is where it’s all going, kids–full realism on the web. Now don’t bother me, I’m going to watch that video above about another 400 times.

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