Sunglasses site, In Eye Wears, offers advanced online boutique technology with Revolutioneyes


kat-revolutioneyes.jpgHave you ever seen at hair salons they sometimes offer a service where they take a photo of you, and then can show your picture on a computer screen, with 300 different haircuts, all superimposed on? This is just like it, only online, and with…sunglasses!

Both men and women can benefit from In Eye Wear’s ‘Revolutioneyes’ service, which allows you to upload a photo of yourself (under 300KB), pick any brand and model sunglasses you want, and then resize and swivel on your face until it looks just right. The finished product obviously looks Photoshopped, but it’s fairly accurate in regards to whether they suit you or not.

After you’ve picked a flattering pair, you can buy them, or email the photo to a friend for their opinion. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do this with clothes as well, you’d never have to leave the house again…

So, what do you think? Should I splurge and get the Ray Ban Aviators for £98?

In Eye Wear

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Katherine Hannaford
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