Proporta aims to protect with their 2G Zune Alu-leather cases

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zune-case.jpgYou can always count on Proporta for coming up with a case for every possible MP3 player, phone or gizmo available. Most recently, it’s the second-gen Zune which has got a look-see, sadly just the 4GB and 8GB models however, but I’m sure if enough 80GB-owners nag them, they’ll start producing them.

The Alu-leather case for the smaller spec’d players is made from leather, and features their ‘Screen Saver System’, which in plainer words is a fancy lightweight sheet of aluminium to line the case with. £26.95 means you can protect your Microsoft-Machine like it deserves, and for just £11.95 more pick up a case made from silicone.

Proporta Zune case

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