NEC develops face-identification technology. FEAR IT!


nec-software.jpgHere’s a story to send the tin-foil-hat brigade wild. NEC has unveiled new software that can analyse videos and identify individual faces within them.

The claimed idea is to make it easier to search video archives, and it could be used on home appliances, mobile devices, video-sharing sites and corporate video archives. However, it’s easy to imagine some less benign uses for the technology.

After all, governments of all persuasions are increasingly keen to identify people from video footage – from rioters and criminals through to people simply exercising their democratic right to demonstrate (if they have it). Hopefully NEC isn’t running off to President Mugabe or the Burmese junta to flog its technology, but still…

Maybe I’m just being paranoid though, and this is entirely a Force For Good. What do you think?

(via Tech-On)

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One thought on “NEC develops face-identification technology. FEAR IT!

  • I believe the UK government has been using something like this for a long time on public surveillance cameras… NOT a nice thought! Especially as everyone is so blasé about it!

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