A more subtle form of surveillance


Forget unmarked Ford Transits, mîcroscopic
listening devices and orbiting satellite arrays; someday nearly every detail of
your social and working life could be tracked by your mobile. Believe it or
not , your mobile holds not just the
details of your whereabouts but a sophisticated map of you social behaviour
that is extensive enough to allow for reasonably accurate predictions of your intended
actions. Creepy. The MIT media lab, which has previously brought us such gems
as the Bluetooth Squirrel, has now turned its eye on monitoring the activity of
the students, building up over 350,000 hours of data on the movements of the
test subjects.

Obviously this technology is not intended for
surveillance use
but is instead developing an unrivalled database of info tracking human
behaviours. The results have shown that Students lead chaotic lives
involve late nights, procrastination and socialising; surely something
that wasn’t a complete unknown before the experiment. Further research
is hoped to
reveal more insights into our complex social behaviour and the effects
that important events have on it.

via Wired News

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