LG launches SB120 DMB Phone

Mobile phones

LG’s latest offering demonstrates what us Brits
can probably expect in about three years time. The SB120 has just been unveiled
Korea, and is boasting DMB (Digital Media Broadcasting), which, for the uninitiated, will someday allow you to catch TV shows whilst enduring public transport and board meetings. Plus it even has a
handy little stand to prop it up so you can sit in the office quite
obviously watching telly at your desk innocently claiming that
it’s just
you mobile.

Somehow LG has also managed to squeeze a 2 megapixel camera
into the
device on top of the MP3 player and GPS system which probably explains
why it appears to be a little
bulky. Details of the other features and accessories are a bit scarce
on the ground at the moment but we’ll keep you posted as more info

via Akihabara News 

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  • I want to buy this lg sb 120 portable phone and I don’t see the price, tell me how can i but and for how much?

  • heello ,am jon i will like to buy the lg sb 120 for my friend in nigeria am from us.pls send me an email because is urgent.i want to use my creit card and i don’t want to exopose the number to anyone unless your company alone.reply me .

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