Consumers want simpler gadgets, says – but do they really?


The latest survey from claims the majority of us want more simple gadgets that are easy to understand.

Nearly two thirds of consumers surveyed said that some technical products have lots of functions they don’t understand and never use. And more than three quarters felt manufacturers should be encouraged to make simpler versions.

Complicated remote controls for TVs, DVD players and stereos were the least popular gadgets – 63 per cent said they’d be very or fairly likely to choose a basic remote control than one with lots of extras. Not far behind were digital radios, with 61 per cent, followed by mobile phones and digital cameras.

Malcolm Coles, Editor,, says: “Manufacturers are forever bringing out updated products with extra functions. There’s no need to make a meal out of remote controls, radios or any other technical products. The result of our survey shows that many consumers would prefer simple gadgets to unnecessarily complicated versions.

I don’t buy it myself. Setting up a TV has never been easier – the same with a DAB radio, iPod and computer. In fact, just about everything is now easier to set up and use – especially if you spend five minutes with an instruction book.

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  • Companies really shouldn’t dumb things down just because some people are fucking thick and can’t be bothered to read the instructions. Then you just end up with Apple.

  • I agree with the survey, at least partly. I wouldn’t *refuse* to buy something with a lot of bells and whistles, but I would prefer something simple.

    For example, I wanted a new cell phone. A phone with a decent camera (so I couldn’t just buy an old model). But I had to get one with a walkman and all sorts of useless stuff, because just a phone+camera was nowhere to be seen.

    Now, there probably are people who use all those, but I don’t like having to pay more to get some options I don’t need.

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