CES 2008: Redfly Mobile Companion reminds us of the Palm Foleo

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Remember the Palm Foleo? Possibly not – it never came out – but the idea was a mini laptop type device that connected to your smartphone to let you Do Stuff on a bigger screen and keyboard. Anyway, that’s also the idea behind the Redfly Mobile Companion, which was announced at CES today.

So, the device itself has an eight-inch screen, a full QWERTY keyboard, and a touchpad mouse, and promises eight hours of battery life. It’s lightweight too, measuring just two pounds. There’s also a VGA port to connect it to projectors and even bigger screens.

Anyway, you connect the Mobile Companion to your smartphone via USB or Bluetooth, and then enjoy a world of synchronisation goodness. I’m not entirely sure what the killer app is, to be honest. Still, it works with Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and smartphones at the mo, with other operating systems coming in the future. It’s due on sale in March for $499 in the US.

Celio Corp website (they make it)

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