CES 2008: More Samsung HDTVs heading to UK


The last thing we really need is another foot long list of HDTV specs so I’ll keep this brief. Most of Samsung’s latest HDTV range is heading to the UK. The main theme this year is 1080p – 2008 is being geared up to be the year of Full HD and Samsung is aiming to get reduce the price difference between 1080p and 720p sets down to just a £100 leap.

At the entry-level end, there’s the Series 4 LCDs, which are just a standard 720p resolution. The sizes are coming in at 26”, 32”, 37” and 40” offering a 12,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The other enhancement over 2007 models is a new digital backlight technology which promises faster, more accurate backlight adjustments to improve black levels.

The equivalent plasma range – also called the Series 4 – will be available in 42” and 50” screen sizes. They’re both 720p and if Samsung sticks to its goal of making the Series 5 (50”, 1080p equivalent) just £100 more then these are probably destined to be over looked by more savvy buyers.

The most interesting member of the Series 4 plasmas is the planned 470 model, which will be offering the new 3D chipset designed for 3D gaming and 3D movie watching. It’s currently little more than a gimmick, but if someone (the Samsung spokesperson mentioned that a lot of the gaming stuff was really in Microsoft’s hands) gets the actual content out there it could really take off. Or we’ll decide that sitting around in our living rooms wearing 3D specs is a bit too geeky and never use the setting at all.

Series 5 LCDs sport 3 HDMI inputs, a contrast ratio of 30,000:1 and SuperClear Panel technology. The screen sizes will range from 32” to 46” and these should be landing in the UK in April.

Last and definitely not the least are the Series 6 sets. This where Samsung’s fancy new Rose Black design kicks in, along with 4 HDMI slots, 100Hz frequency (excepting the 32” model), a 50,000:1 contrast ratio and a USB 2.0 slot. This will add support for JPEG and MP3 files, but not DivX or MPEG4 unfortunately. Set sizes range from 19” all the way up to 52”.

Apologies for the lack of a real pic, but at the time of writing Samsung has failed to provide me with a proper press pack. Just imagine a normal 2007 Samsung HDTV with sharper edges and you’re pretty much there. Or just think of a big black rectangle with a pretty picture in the middle. You’ve got it.


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  • Jehanzeb,

    Okay I can’t recall off the top of my head exactly when each of the models was heading to the UK, but I do remember than the higher end models – so around the 50″ mark – would be getting here first. April was Samsung told me they were due to start arriving.

    Obviously the new models do have a decent advantage over their older siblings by having much better contrast ratios, digital format support, and the 3D technology for your buck.

    However, the older Samsung models should also be getting fairly decent price cuts as the old stock is sold off. Depends what you’re spending really – the new models are looking nice but a few of the newer features are potentially just gimmicks and are unproven in a marketplace yet.

  • I am thinking of buying a new Samsung Plasma 50″ television but after reading comments (above) I cannot decide how long should I wait. Are new models coming in April? What about the Q97 or P96FD? which range is latest? I am so confuse!!

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