Bomi Kim Tactile MP3 player – braille-like control

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My MP3 player rarely sees the light of day – it permanently lives in a pocket or bag, even when I’m looking for a track. A control system like the one on the Tactile MP3 player would certainly help.

Designed by Bomi Kim, the ‘Tactile’ (not an official name) is a button-sized player with a smooth metallic back and that touchy front, with the controls represented by raised bumps, helping you control your tunes easily by sense of touch.

Concept only I’m afraid, but one that makes a lot of sense.

(via Yanko Design)

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One thought on “Bomi Kim Tactile MP3 player – braille-like control

  • am i the only person who is sick and tired of “concepts” ok, i admit ideas have to start somewhere but these people shouldnt get the the amount of kudos they do.
    well i have a concept, its a personal bodyguard that can hurl itself at an enemy, it hovers, can roll around. of course it can receive your emails play music, video and web browse, displaying info on a holo projector. Has 500gig of storage, commanded by your voice alone an it all fits inside a 10mm stainless steel sphere. (insert stock photo of ball bearing here)

    wouldnt that be great?

    oh and it would make sense if if the ‘Tactile’ had actual braile on it, then again that might make too much sense.

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