Think Secret rumour site shut down by Apple: Inquisitive fanboys will have to go elsewhere

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think_secret_logo.pngIt seems that Apple has finally got its own way in the long-running battle with rumour site Think Secret, well known for publishing allegedly leaked stories from the vehemently secretive technology company.

Think Secret got enough of its rumours right to make it fairly obvious that it was getting inside information, and of course that angered Apple.

Site publisher Nick Ciarelli stuck to his principles, and loyalty to his sources, and thus his site paid the ultimate price: closure.

It seems that both critics and fans of Apple have shifted about uncomfortably with this latest run-in. Though Apple has every right to set their lawyers on to anything which they believe infringes their products, intellectual property, or is based on information from sources who must be breaking their employment contracts, it still doesn’t feel great.

After all, Think Secret published a lot of decent Apple information, from the point of view of general “fandom”. If anything, TS — and sites like it — have simply added to the mountain of free publicity which Apple thrives on.

Ciarelli said, “I’m pleased to have reached this amicable settlement, and will now be able to move forward with my college studies and broader journalistic pursuits.”

Rest assured, though, that Apple rumours and are a staple of the Internet, and there’ll be plenty of other places where speculation continues.

(Via DailyTech)

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