M-Toy MP3 player makes kids puzzle over playing music

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I’m all for technology being used to help kids to learn, but sometimes, a basic device should just do one thing.

Take an MP3 player. All it has to do is to play the music uploaded to it, in the order the listener wants to hear it. OK, so many portable music players do more, but they don’t usually confound the user and make it difficult for them to just listen to their music.

Enter the M-Toy MP3 player, designed by Sung-kyu Nam, who thinks that kids using the gadget need to brush up on their pattern-matching skills.

It’s made up from three concentric circles, onto which a scrambled image is displayed. When the child spins the discs to align the image, the music stored on the plugged in USB stick begins to play.

It uses OLED technology, which to my mind should continue to be developed for new TVs, not brain-baffling MP3 players.

(Via DVice)

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