Honda Asimo gets smarter, eyes world domination



That headline’s a bit harsh: Asimo is a friendly robot really, keen to help humankind while playing the odd spot of football. So when Honda introduces new features to make him smarter, it’s not something we should worry about. Really.

Anyway, there’s three main improvements to the humanoid robot. He’s now capable of self-charging, by finding the nearest charging bay whenever his batteries are running a bit low. Meanwhile, he’s also better at spotting people in his way and avoiding them by either stepping back, or swerving past them.

Meanwhile, Honda also has Asimos working together, divvying out household tasks over Wi-Fi based on which robot’s closest, and who’s got enough battery life. I wonder if the end result will be workshy robots though: you’ll need your living room dusting, but all your Asimos will be hiding in cupboards pretending they need a recharge…

(via Tech-On)

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