T-Mobile promotes Web'n'Walk mobile internet… SAS-style!

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I don’t know about you, but when I think about the mobile internet, the first thing that comes to mind is ex-SAS blokes abseiling down buildings. Kind of. Oh, alright, it isn’t – but that hasn’t stopped T-Mobile from getting hardnut author Chris Ryan to promote its Web’n’Walk service with a four-city ‘urban survival challenge’.

It included abseiling down the Imperial War Museum in Manchester, giving SAS-style training sessions to West Bromwich Albion and Leeds University’s American Football team, and vrooming along the Thames in a powerful speedboat, armed only with a mobile phone and the latest iteration (v3.0) of Web’n’Walk to find each challenge.

“My mission is to show that you can get into adventures and out of scrapes in any city thanks to having the internet in your pocket,” is what Ryan said. I’m more impressed by the fact that West Brom tonked Championship leaders Watford 3-0 on Saturday. If T-Mobile can send him to Norwich City next time, I’ll willingly forswear other networks forever…

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