T-Mobile to launch Sidekick Slide in the UK

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T-Mobile has announced that it has exclusive rights to Motorola’s Sidekick Slide handset in the UK.

The new handset is the slimmest, smallest Sidekick to date, and features a large sliding screen, instant messaging, full Internet browsing, full QWERTY keyboard, MP3 player, and access to T-Mobile’s Web’n’Walk mobile Internet service.

The phone automatically backs up user data to a personal web space provided by Danger Inc. This space can also be used to share images and files with others.

“Fans of social networking sites will be absolutely thrilled with T-Mobile’s stylish new Sidekick Slide device”, said Jim Michel, General Manager, UK & Ireland, Motorola. “It can keep them connected 24/7 and ticks all the boxes for gadget lovers who want the latest technology and are hungry to stand out from the crowd.”

Available from November, the device is from free when purchased on the Flext 30 plus web’n’walk tariff.


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  • please i have a motorola sidekick given to me my Father now i need the code to unlock it so i can use in Nigeria…so how can i contact our company direct.thanks

  • Hi,
    i have Motorola T-mobile slide-kick phone that i got as a present from a friend my problem is it doesn’t connect to the internet and does not have a safaricom menu for M-pesa what can i do to serve me properly? Am from Kenya please reply through

  • i got some issues vid track ball, sometimes i feel that somehing is stuckin in trackball and it does not work properly in only upward direction, wt should i do?

  • Does anyone know what model this is . there like the 2009 model but what year is this one ? i just baught one and am looking to buya case but it doesnt help not knowing what phone im trying to buy one for 🙂 please and thank you .

  • Where can i get this phone, as i live in kent, i dont know where to got one because i havnt seen one anywhere and how much would it cost? thanks

    • just t-mobile sim card just because it dont have t-mobile written on it dont mean its for any sim card its just for t-mobile cause i have one asnd they are so cooooooooooooool

  • Hi
    Could somebody PLEASE tell me if this motorola’s sidekick can work with ANY SIM card? please!!

    since it’s motorola and it doesn’t say T-Mobile on it ..like the other sidekicks.

    is there any chance that this one can work with any sim card and still surf instant messages + full internet browsing?

    Please write back in this page! x

  • it costs about $340 if you buy it at a t-mobile store. at a regular store it is about $350. it works with mobile simcards in the but you can’t surf the web, instant message, or e-mail.

  • Hello there..
    I just had a question, do T-mobile sidekicks work with normal simcards. or do they need some kind of support by the telecomm .. as they are not sold in Dubai,UAE. Do you think if i order one. it would work here with no probs.. thanks.

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