Tefal Quick Cup – super-fast, eco-friendly kettle

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Can anything new be done with the humble kettle? Well, with the Quick Cup, Tefal claims it has made it faster and more eco-friendly.

The Quick Cup serves hot water on demand in only 3 seconds and uses only a third of the energy of an ordinary kettle. Using Tefal’s patented ‘Opti-quick’ technology system, you don’t need to pre-heat your water. Just push the button and the water is sent up the heating element in a spiral movement, heating it immediately as it travels. So no energy heating water you don’t need, or boiling water you don’t use. In fact. According to Tefal, that could be a £31 cost-saving per year using Quick Cup compared to an ordinary kettle.

Other features include the Claris Aqua water filter system for ‘better tasting, healthier water’, an automatic mug size function and an anti-dust tank lid. You can pick one up for £59.99.


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