Roberts saves the world with their eco-friendly Gemini 21 DAB radio


roberts-gemini-21.jpgMmm, tasty DAB radio. Have I turned 40 already, without me knowing?!

We wrote about it last month, but finally the Gemini 21 is on sale to us eco-friendly citizens attempting to save the lovely planet we live on.

The link is tenuous, admittedly. 150 hours of battery life means changing the batteries less often, which means the radio is supposedly five times more eco-friendly than other models on the market. Of course, it can’t beat the eco-friendly prowess of Trevor Baylis’s wind-up and solar-powered units, but at least it’s a start, and at only £79.99, you’re saving money not just on batteries, but the actual radio itself.

Roberts Radio

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Katherine Hannaford
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